The desired acoustic properties of a recording studio are in many ways the opposite of that of an auditorium. Instead of enhanced reverberation, it is usually desirable for the recording studio to be acoustically dead, having a very short reverberation time.
Hard surfaces such as gypsum walls, windows and hardwood floors cause primary reflections which make placing instruments in the stereo field difficult. Secondary reflections introduce flutter echo and a reverb trail which interferes while recording.
Generally in a recording studio both low and high frequency sound need to be treated. Adding acoustic treatment with Acousstop products create relatively neutral space that will enable your recordings to translate properly when played on other playback systems.
Depending on your room size and budget we provide wide range of product solution. Starting from Acousstop foam panels that’s available in different shapes and selection of the panels depends upon the frequency bands. These panels helps in absorbing mid- range to high frequency sound. Also Acousstop wooden panels are the best options if you are looking for aesthetes values without compromising on the NRC value. Available in different perforations, finishes and thickness.

Both our foam and wooden panels is applicable for wall and ceiling. We always welcome customization and Acousstop stretch fab serve the purpose, where we can attain any shape and color.
A recording studio not only require an absorbent surface but also soundproofing becomes very important. Sound proofing a room involves the isolation of that room from audible sound from the outside. Our Acousstop silenz with the wall system helps to isolate the wall and ceiling. Thickness of the system depends upon required dB value. Always recommend to spread a thick Carpet with acoustop impact underneath. This helps to control floor reflection and impact sound. And a recording studio construction will be incomplete without using a soundproof door. At our factory we design and manufacture Acousstop door as per the requirement.
Always our expertise are available to assist and provide customized solution based on the dimension and budget.