All foam acoustic panels supplied by Acousstop are fire rated and absorb echoes to create premium sound quality. We offer a variety of polyurethane –open cell, foam panels which are charcoal black in color. Our acoustic foam panels are easy to install with adhesive.

Acoustic foam can be made in several different colors, sizes and thickness. Acoustic foam can be attached to walls, ceilings, doors, and other features of a room to control noise levels, vibration, and echoes and are applicable for recording studios, music rooms, classrooms, vocal booths, broadcast studios, as well as, in commercial and industrial segments.

How Acousstop foam work?

Basically the NRC value of Acousstop foam panels are high. Once the sound waves penetrate the foam, they will get caught into those small cells. Thereafter, the sound waves will spin and bounce until they can make their way out. And, during all the spinning and bouncing, they will most likely to lose a significant amount of energy, which leads to them dying more quickly than usual. Thus reduce the average reverberation time in a room.

Choosing the right Acousstop foam panels

The key for getting your desired sound is in choosing the correct panel thickness, shape and the right number of panels for your project. Thicker foam panels will generate stronger sound absorption values at the low frequency end of the sound spectrum. The thicker your foam panels, the better they will perform for low bass noise stemming from musical instruments or industrial machinery. If you are looking at controlling mid to high range frequencies, such as human voice, you should choose one of our thinner panels.

Coverage amounts and shape depend on the size and scope of your sound management project. Check with our experts to ensure proper treatment of your space. By explaining your acoustic application, we can properly guide you in the quantity and shape of Acousstop foam panels needed.

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