Decorative panels that improve sound reverberation and help reduce noise pollution

Acousstop fab stretch and soft fibre panels are a perfect solution for sound and echo absorption for just about any interior space. There are different types depending on your requirements.

Underneath the fabric is class A fire rated poly fibre acoustical core for maximum sound absorption, durability and Acoustical Transparency to ensure the desired NRC and meets the rating making them a reliable choice for all applications.. It increases speech intelligibility and improve sound quality in applications like Home theatre, cinemas, studios, auditoriums, conference rooms, churches, corporates and many more. These panels are ideal for areas with high traffic and sporting facilities as they can withstand physical contact to a degree.

Looking for ready to install panels? Soft fibre panels are the right acoustic panels with major impact on the listening experience of audiences in the room or inner space. Acousstop Soft fibre panels can be mounted on walls and ceilings. And can be seamlessly integrated into any design. You select the panel quantities, sizes and colors to acoustically treat your space.

No wall space? No problem Acousstop soft fibre baffles can be hung from the ceiling, enhancing the asthetical look after meeting the Acoustical parameters. Our Baffles are more effective than sticking the same panel to a reflective surface, creating a better sounding environment. Ideal for school halls, swimming baths, Office, auditoriums, warehouses, manufacturing plants sporting centers and any open ceiling concepts.

Why fab stretch panels? It’s the only stretch fabric wall system, you can create almost any panel size, any edge and there are hundreds of fabric options available. One benefit over traditional fabric wall panels is that the fabric can be replaced and easy maintenance unlike the conventional Fabric panels (where the fabric cannot be changed). Acousstop Fab stretch enhances and perfect for sound control applications. Track system with different edge profile helps.

Creating Sound environments & Beautiful Walls

In this digitalized, amplified, surround sound world, traditional building methods fail to provide for Acoustical Sound Control that would be subjected to abuse or impact.

The twin problems of reflection and reverberation may require that surfaces be acoustically treated and covered with fabric as a decorative finish. Offer tight crepe weave of vibrant and vivacious hues from Fabric range on woven and non woven types improves Speech intelligibility. It is cleanable, Ecofriendly, Luxurious, and offer great customization to achieve your design intent.

Manufacturing acoustic absorbent systems requires carrying out extensive research and testing to provide effective acoustic insulation services for the construction sector.There is a delicate point of balance. If too little acoustic material is installed in a room, or is not installed in the best location, the sound reverberation may not be appropriate. The background noise will still be too loud and communication will still be complicated.

Alternatively, if too much acoustic material is installed it can produce a soft barely audible sound and, when the room is used for presentations, the speaker may have to shout or raise their voice to be heard at the back. Therefore, our technical experts helps obtaining a specialized soundproofing service which is extremely important to ensure a satisfactory acoustic absorption value.

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