Hotels can potentially have a wide range of noise and sound problems. There are several issues that must be addressed concerning acoustics in a hotel project. These issues stem from the two types of sound that must be controlled: airborne sound and impact sound. A typical airborne sound is music or talking and external sound. A typical impact sound is the footfall sound of an upstairs guest, background noise produced by mechanical installation, equipment of the building (mainly heating ventilating and air conditioning).
Hotels are places for resting, sleeping, partying, meeting and working. The requirement of these applications and activities provides the basis for architectural acoustic standards and isolation design in hotels. Acoustics plays a large role in both the personal and business side of hotels. Whether your guests are having a private conversation with loved ones, it’s important that your neighboring rooms don’t hear what they are saying or doing, also the loud parties happening should not affect their sleep. In business, it’s important that sensitive meetings and conference calls stay private and that the content of conversations stay within the confines of the walls.

To control noise in large spaces, we offer a wide range of products designed to improve hotel acoustics. No matter the size or shape of a given area, we offer custom designed Acousstop wooden, fabric and woodwool ceiling, wall panels and baffles that reduce echoes and absorb sound. We also have quite a few different products that are used to block sound transmission from room to room. These products include Acousstop wooden doors and Accousstop silenz with system. Our high performing flooring underlay Acousstop Impact are used under screed or above the screed to reduce impact sound.
Our trained acoustic technicians can ensure an ideal solution and design for your particular issue. Functional and fashionable, our Acousstop products can be made to suit the decor in new as well as renovated spaces.
Keeping the noise at proper levels is a very important concern for successful hotels. To get an idea of our top-quality noise control and hotel soundproofing products, do contact our team.