Peace and quiet is essential. That’s why it is often desirable to reduce impact sound, especially when the noise of footfall from upstairs rooms is causing an interruption. If you live in a first or second floor flat, you may also wish to lower your impact sound, as this can make a real difference to the quality of life of those living below you.

An easy way to reduce impact sound is by choosing a good quality underlay. Whether you have carpeted or hard wood floors, the right underlay can make a big difference.

Acousstop Impact are high quality polyethylene sheet that fight against impact and air noises between different floors. Manufactured using a direct extrusion and physical expansion process, with closed waterproof cells which give it suitable consistency.

When it comes to your carpets, underlay can help to reduce impact sound, thanks to two factors. The first is the sponginess of the underlay. The second is the thickness of the underlay. The spongier and thicker your underlay is, the more effective it will be at muffling footfall noises.

Conveniently, these factors also add up to a more comfortable underlay. Therefore, the best underlays for reducing impact sound will also be the ones that provide the best comfort.

Advantage of Using Impact

Enjoy the Silence: Reflected sound is the sound you hear when you walk on the floor. Acousstop Impact reduces this sound and offers superior insulation performance ideal for large rooms, public and office space.
Impact Sound is the sound you hear when someone walks in the room above. It is a problem with multi-storey apartments and hotel rooms. Acousstop Impact assists to reduce this sound thus meet the standard requirements enforced by various building codes.
Protecting your wood floor against rising moisture or vapour rising from the concrete can seriously damage laminate flooring. Acousstop Impact provide offer superior protection. The easy lay system provides additional security offering exceptional water vapour resistance.
Floor unevenness: An underlay can level out minor unevenness in the sub- floor thus reducing impact sound. It needs to be compressible without permanent deformation. Acousstop Impact foam underlays are made of closed cell polyethylene providing high compression and repeated compression performance.
Light weight & easy to Install They are durable, lay flat and sit square making them easy to use and always reliable.

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