Interior architecture & design is like technology, a continually changing, continually developing & improving art. People respond to design in different ways – Acoustic requirements in an office environment will be different dependent on the space and its use.
For example, a store room will have very different requirements to an interview room, where privacy is required and interruption from external noise should be avoided. Cellular rooms can be designed in a number of ways according to the use of the room and its acoustic requirement. The integration of circulation space, common and core areas with the main working space, is vital for the productivity.
Sound can be controlled in two distinct ways: absorption, which deals with reverberation within the space, this makes the space a better place to work and insulation, which deals with the control of sound from one space to another.
For a meeting room speech is the primary concern which can be reduced by Acousstop wooden wall / ceiling panels, Fabric wall panels, woodwool panels and wooden / fabric baffles are generally used for absorption, while acousstop wooden doors and acousstop Silenz with the system are for isolating.

Again selection of product depends upon office to office, some gives importance for aesthetic feature of the office without compromising on the acoustic value, we recommend acousstop wooden panels. And the type of perforation depends upon required NRC value which our consulting department will be able to guide you. Acousstop wooden panels are commonly used in reception areas, meeting rooms. Whereas acousstop rafters and baffles are used in open work space areas.
While open plan can improve communication, maximize spatial usage, increase light efficiency and create aesthetically stunning space, it undeniably also opens up the distance and volume that noise travels. Pair this with the contemporary trends of acousstop woodwool panels and baffles, creating great environment to work by reducing reverberation time.
“A completely silent office means every single noise is heard at a higher level, therefore conversation seems louder and irritating resulting in less productivity. In contrast, on an aeroplane there are loud background sounds yet we can still focus.”
Contact our experts for any assistance and how to transfer your office acoustically a better place to work.