Design freedom without sacrificing performance

We have a continuous process of innovation in having comprehensive design capabilities, welcoming the opportunity to develop Acoustic Louvers to provide solutions that satisfy your project’s unique requirements.

While, our website and literature provide a generic overview of our capabilities, we are involved in customization both by performance and architectural solution to combat environmental noise problems in mixed commercial/ residential areas, carrying out all relevant noise surveys and acoustic analysis. All tests have been conducted by National Aerospace Laboratories, which has been one of the pioneers in India.

Depending on the type of ventilation you need, a selection of specially designed blades is mounted in a frame. Different Models are available in varying depths; percent open area and type of blade configurations yielding various pressure loss and noise reduction performance. They are aesthetically pleasing and available in various material types intended to be used where space is limited.

For Ex : A plant room containing special machinery or electrical equipment may still need high levels of ventilation with maximum protection from water entry and sound barrier, in which case a performance louver would be the best options as against a car park which may require minimum ventilation with good isolation properties.

What are acoustic louvers?

Acousstop Acoustic louvers are used in buildings to handle large volume of airflow inlet or discharge while keeping the noise within the specified noise rating or criteria. Louvers are less deep than attenuators and they are cosmetically more suitable for residential and commercial buildings.

The shape of the louvers affect the airflow and in the same time dictates the sound transmission loss (STL). The STL is normally used to indicate the louvers acoustical performance. Acoustical treatment of louvers can include acoustic materials filling covered by perforated steel or aluminum sheet. The louvers should be designed to achieve the required STL and in the same time to allow the volume of air to flow without exceeding the maximum allowable pressure drop.

We manufacture acoustic louvers based on several factors that affect the control of the acoustical environment in any building. Also a structural supports shall be designed and furnished upon calculating the wind load and if not available manufactured in self -supporting units up to a maximum of 2400 mm wide by 3000mm high. (Any additional structural supports required to adequately secure these units within the opening shall be the responsibility of others.)

Our technical engineers can assist you and provide ingenious solutions as per your requirements.

Benefits of an Acoustic Louver
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