Going for cinemas are often described as immense experience, like you are there in the movie, completely involved. This is because commercial cinemas are constructed with speakers aligned based on the size and shape of the room along with acoustic treatment.
Now a days the trend has been changed where you build cinema concept at your home without any compromise on the quality of sound and interior feel. Now home theatres have become the space at every house where you spend quality time with your family and friends.
But an authentic cinematic experience in the home isn’t as easy as hooking up expensive speakers to the widest TV you can get your hand on. Even a top of the line setup can sound just plain bad if room acoustics are ignored. This is because every room sounds unique. Without considering room acoustics, multiple audio channels becomes pointless.
Every theatre space has unique acoustical challenges and every home theatre owner has his or her own personal style. At hillpoint our team understands all this and offer customization addressing below aspects

Budget analyses


Design Concept

Soundproofing and acoustic sound control

A/V equipment analyses


For a home theatre 100% sound absorption is not required but should be 100% sound isolation. Our acousstop wooden panels are the best for reflection and absorption of sound. Type, pitch and groove of the perforation and design of the panels are recommended depending upon RT, frequency range, the dimension & design concept of the room.

When it comes to color theme acousstop fabric panels and woodwool panels are the best but again the thickness depends upon space to space. Always Acousstop Impact is laid below the carpet to reduce impact sound.

Any sound produced in the room have to be within the room which helps to bring in the same effect and feel of the theater. At the same time no external sound should enter the room which affect the quality of sound and causes distraction to get involved in the movie. Acousstop Silenz with a system are used to isolate the walls and ceilings thus helps to prevent any to and fro sound leakage. Also always recommend to use soundproof doors. Acousstop wooden doors are available in different finishes, design as per the requirement.

Always we work close with our clients, our home theatre specialist will be able to assist you to design and construct your theatre dream at your personal space.