Hillpoint adapt state-of-the-art technology from European countries and have manufacturing facility located at Chennai, India. We manufacture under the Brand “Acousstop” involved in design, development and distribution of High quality Acoustical systems for Ceilings, Wall and Flooring.

We at Hillpoint has our vision to gain and achieve customer satisfaction by genuinely serving our customers with the best of the Acoustical solution we could offer in every aspect and across several application domains.


Hillpoint have been in the market for more than a decade and having established our branches in Middle East and Asian countries, we are credited for completing 100+ projects during this period. As our Mission to be a “ONE-STOP” solution provider for Acoustic solution, we found the demand for starting a Manufacturing Unit.
We provide value to interior designs and decoration with advanced acoustical solutions to achieve maximum acoustic comfort. We combine technology, innovation and design to customize products to your needs.


Whether you are looking to match your current decor with fabric wall panels / baffles or block sound from transferring from room to room with membrane or need underlays, ACOUSSTOP has you covered. Acousstop also offers a full line of acoustical foam for ceiling and wall applications, sound control doors, acoustic Louvers and Raised floors.
All of our sound absorbing and soundproof materials for walls and other applications have independent sound and flammability tests. Plus. HILLPOINT offers everything you need for Commercial, Industrial, Educational, Home Theater and other Residential applications.
If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing sound absorber we recommend our wooden and fabric wall panels. Acoustical panels are made to order and there are 100’s of finishes options. Looking to block sound? We offer many types of sound blocking membrane, SILENT. They can be used behind sheet rock to block sound from leaving a room. Need a soundproof door (also known as Acousstop doors)? Acousstop Doors can be used in any application where a soundproof door is needed.


With expert architectural acoustics, noise and vibration control, Acousstop helps you enhance sound reproduction, reduce sound transmission, and control noise , Reverberation and vibration to deliver optimum acoustical environments for your buildings, facilities, indoor and outdoor spaces.


For customers, the idea of purchasing and installing Acoustical Products in their Residential spaces, Offices, Entertainment, Hospitality sector or Manufacturing Facilities may be overwhelming. While we have an excellent installation instructions, the look and feel of our easy to install system and its videos available on our website adds value to the customer. It takes time, manpower and skills to install the Acoustical products correctly and safely apart from providing tangible solutions that look as good as they sound in terms of Acoustics and Aesthetic effect.
With collated experience of over decades, we have a proven track record to achieve this unrivalled level of Customer service with qualified and experienced team for Installation working with the highest quality of Acoustical products.
With the support of our management, we have been able to implement systems to provide drawings, new updates, and individual room analysis digitally. Through this implementation, our in-house team can precisely monitor installation performance / quality and any potential issues.


Our service team and lead time for deliverables provide JIT services and support to protect your interests and reputation in the market.