When noise and sound transmission needs to be effectively controlled, ACOUSSTOP SILENZ is the great solution to build noise barriers and soundproof walls and ceilings. It is non-toxic and has a high relative density. This latter attribute of high density is what makes Acousstop Silenz so effective in blocking sound.

What’s the difference between sound barrier and sound absorber?

We first need to understand what makes a good absorber or barrier. In general there are only two characteristics that make an effective sound absorber or sound barrier – fuzzy stuff and porous materials or heavy, dense and thick.
Absorbing sound relies heavily on the knowledge of a sounds wavelength. And rated based on the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of the product. They are porous and does not block sound simply because it is porous which allows sound to pass through.
Blocking sound on the other hand, requires that the material to be used the opposite in composition to an absorber. The material needs to be dense. Density is derived from mass. Highly dense or massive materials typically do not have a porous structure to allow the sound wave to enter (and pass through) them. And are rated based on the Sound Transmission Class (STC).
Consequently, any material that has a high mass could be used to block a sounds path. Concrete, gypsum board, MDF, hardboard and concrete masonry units are all popular examples of high mass barriers. The problem with these common building materials is that they are very stiff. They have great mass but they don’t get the overall sound reductions you would expect from them because they are not limp and flexible like the Acousstop Silenz. Again it is the application of the mass (the what, where and how the mass is used) that will make an effective sound barrier, which is assisted by our technical experts.

Why Acousstop Silenz?
Because Acousstop silenz has a very small cross-section, it’s flexible and it’s massive!

None of the earlier examples of high mass barriers can be wrapped around or molded to the shape of something — Acousstop Silenz can. This unique combination of small dimension, mass and flexibility makes Silenz a one-of-a-kind material for sound barriers. Installing Acousstop silenz in walls, ceilings and beneath floors is a space saver and is stunningly effective regarding mass per cross-section dimension.

Where to use Acousstop Silenz?
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