Solutions for a custom acoustic comfort. Acoustic wooden panel systems to suit the technical and aesthetic requirements of each project.

Wood is the raw material of our work and we are one of the pioneer’s wood architecture. We improvise on our products to meet the technical requirements of wall and ceilings for interiors that would require zero maintenance, whilst always researching new ways to enhance the beauty of this unique material.

Acousstop wooden paneling ranges in wide styles for both wall and ceiling applications and combine standard and custom solutions to help make your vision a reality. Depending on the sound absorption demands for each venue, the Acousstop system offers different models with different absorption capacities.

To provide and for selection convenience, Acousstop panels are categorized as PERFORATED, SLOTTED, BAFFLES, LINEAR GRILL, RAFTERS & PELMET.

Wood is not typically thought of as an acoustical material. While it reflects sound, it also absorb sound when modified. As our Acousstop perforated panels can achieve wood look while still achieving high NRC value bringing a level of sophistication to the interiors. As an architect or designer, freshness of design can be a distinct competitive advantage. Our mission is to help you create beautiful and acoustically superior interiors utilizing the sustainability of natural wood.

Micro perforation is a process by which the wood veneer is pierced on the surface, with a perforated core behind it. This allows the sound to pass through the wood and be absorbed by the acoustical media behind it (such as Poly fiber/ fiberglass or other acoustical blanket). When used on a ceiling panel, the perforations are near invisible from a distance, keeping the monolithic wood look or a seamless wood finish.

Our Slotted panel system have high technical and aesthetic qualities. At the technical level it has a high absorption coefficient. Aesthetically it has a linear, elegant and discrete design & dimensions are very suitable for acoustic conditioning that requires a high level and ready to install in walls and dropped ceilings. As the grooves allow sound to pass through the core and be absorbed by the acoustical media behind it.

On demand it is possible to produce acoustic panels with special specifications for walls and curved applications.

Sound baffles are ideal for mitigating noise pollution and reverberating sound. Acousstop Wooden Baffles are made from solid wood or MDF with different available finishes. The panels are made in standard and custom sizes. Panels are manufactured in several different variations depending on your needs. Baffles can be used to improve the acoustics of concert halls, theatres, conference rooms and other spaces where sound quality is important.

Rafter are architecture favorite product ideal for Residential or commercial to give building interior the classic look. Acousstop Rafters / Grills can be customized and finish made to your designs and specifications.


There are versions in large dimension and standardized panels for continuous walls and ceilings in different versions to install with visible, semi-hidden, and hidden profiling.

Materials and finishes

The support material is always MDF or solid wood panels in standard. Surface finishes can be raw, veneer, laminated, painted and other options on request.

Important aspects governing the acoustic behavior of wooden panels are:
How we help you

We have the best professionals and the most advanced technology, innovating every day to provide the best solutions. And we strive and take great care to achieve acoustical and esthetical values. Our technical department will assist you with the right solution for your project.

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