The acoustic design of an auditorium is different than that of any other space, because of the specific demand of the performance arts, which distinguish the auditorium from a common lecture hall. Acoustical design of an auditorium addresses many aspects of room and building design, and is tightly coordinated with architectural and technical theatre design.

For all events, it is essential that everyone in the room hear, clearly and enjoyably, everything that is presented.Whether you’re an architect or contractor tackling an auditorium design project for the first time, or whether you’re a Project manager who wants a base understanding of the various components that make up an auditorium.

The factors that come into play when dealing with an acoustical problem in your space are given below:

The Following Room Characteristics Must Be Considered To Determine The Appropriate Auditorium Acoustic Solution:

Auditorium size: height, width and length of the room.

The shape of the room: A square room, for example, is most likely to cause an acoustic problem because the sound waves will bounce back at themselves.

Built in features: Windows, hardwood floors, seating and other hard, flat, and bare wall surfaces will cause sound waves to bounce and echo.

The space’s intended use: teaching, musical performance, lecture, audio visual presentations, etc. All require a unique acoustic treatment.

Room layout and decor: Door openings, window placement, posts etc. all come into play when planning for proper acoustics in a space.

Acoustic auditorium problems can be remedied with the proper acoustic treatment. Acousstop walls and ceiling panels with high NRC value treat echoes by absorbing the sound waves rather than allowing them to reflect off hard surfaces. Available in a wide variety of shapes and colors, these panels can be installed easily on your walls or ceiling. Acousstop wooden panels and baffles are available in different patterns and perforation as per the requirement. Also Acousstop fabric panels are available in different colors and shapes to match any design concepts. Our experts will help you choose the products based upon on the Reverberation time of the hall. Thus initially consultation will be conducted prior to providing the solution.

Some times when the auditorium is within a building block, another major issues that arise is the Sound leakage either thought the wall, ceiling or AC duct. Generally, our Acousstop Silenz with a system is proposed which depending upon the dB value.

At Hillpoint, we have different choice for improving auditorium acoustics. As attractive as they are functional, we always provide customized solution that enhances your auditorium both aesthetically and acoustically.